Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm So Excited....

..............I just can't hide it. So I must share with all of you out there that my sister and my neice and nephew are flying in today for a 3MONTH visit!!!! They are stationed in Sasebo, Japan and I haven't seen them for a whole year other than Skype of course. Matt my brother-in-law whose in the navy just left for the boat on a 3 month cruise so Jess and the kids packed up and are coming for their first visit since being in Japan. She will be in the same town with me just a mile down the road at my mom's house. I'm so excited for Addison to get to play with her cousins and her Aunt. Anyways, please say a prayer for my sister for grace and patience. She is flying across the world with 2 kids! :)

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