Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The things we will do for a smile.....

I can't believe the things parents resort to get a smile or what I will do! During Addison's 6 month picture session I did things I thought I would never do in public for a smile. Usually it doesn't take much to get Addison to smile but she wasn't quite herself that day. She had her shots 2 days before which led to a fever. She was tuckered out from getting over the fever but the picture appointment had been set and we went. She yawned more in that hour than I had ever seen her yawn. So Michael and I resorted to every noise and face we could muster. If only we could have video taped us.....hilarious. I was doing jumping jacks (I got a few smiles) and definitely working up a sweat! We did get some great pictures and she was definitely a trooper. Here are just a few of them.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Funny Faces

So this was a phase that lasted about 3 days. She made these faces from the minute she woke up until she went to bed that night. It was so crazy. I was beginning to worry about her. Thankfully, the "old man face" was a short phase.

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6 Month Checkup

So Addison was 6 months old last Friday which was also my 29th birthday (I'll save that for another post). We went to the doctor for her checkup and wasn't shocked by her stats (she's got some thighs). She weighs 19lbs!! - 95th percentile & not too sure on her length right now but it was in the 75th percentile. It seems that she carries all of her weight in her thighs! Everyone notices.... the nurse giving her shots, the photographer today, every family member....... They are quite chunky but soooo adorable. So at 6 months old Addison is doing the army crawl, sitting up, and eating veggies! I can't believe it's been 6 months already.

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