Monday, October 27, 2008

We have a new niece!

My sister-in-law had her first baby this past Friday, October 24th. We are so excited that Emma is finally here. Congratulations Alyson & Jeremy she's beautiful!

Precious little Emma

Me and Alyson (the proud momma)

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Praise Baby

This is how Addison watches Praise Baby these days!

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Pumpkin Patch

This was Addison's first Pumpkin Patch experience. Her enthusiasm didn't quite match mine but I'm not too surprised about that. We finally got a few smiles out of her or it was probably the other kids running around that did it!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Michael Buble'

I have to give a slight disclaimer before I begin this post. I discovered this "quirk" of Michael's AFTER we were married. :)

So here goes. Michael is the king of calling into radio stations to win all kinds of things. I'm not kidding. I promise every few months he's coming home telling me something else he has won. It's truly amazing all the things he has won. (Before I go on, I must come to his defense and say he is in his car most of the day for work so he listens to the radio a lot. He's not sitting in an office listening to the radio waiting to call in. Lets just say his job helps to facilitate this personality trait!)

So the most recent one in this long list of prizes was front row Michael Buble' tickets. Michael and I both figured he would be good in concert but had the idea of maybe selling them to make a few bucks. I mean can't we all use a few extra extra dollars these days. Michael got online and looked up front row ticket prices and wow are they expensive! Atleast, to me they're expensive. He must be real good in concert! Well Michael and I decided to put them on ebay and if we sold them great and if not we would find a babysitter and go to the concert. Well hallelujah! we sold them for $250. I never thought we would actually sell them but I'm so thankful we did. Michael's quirk is definitely paying off!

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Auburn & Onion Rings

This past weekend Michael and I left Addison in the wonderful hands of her Mimi and went down to Auburn to see the game and stay overnight. This is the first time I've been away from her overnight. Don't worry I did fine for those mom's who are wondering. I didn't do any crying or anything of the sort. I enjoyed every moment of it!!! I love that baby but we all need a break sometimes.

So anyways we drove down to Auburn Saturday morning. When we arrived we found a great parking spot and began our wonderful day. The shopping was great but finding a place for lunch proved to be our downfall. We walked around for atleat 1.5 hours looking for something we both wanted to eat. We ended up at Cheeburger Cheeburger waiting 45 minutes to eat! So by the time we sat down to eat we were starving. Nevertheless, that 45 minutes were well worth it because when I bit into those onion rings........Oh my goodness, they were divine. Has anyone ever had them there? Am I making too big a deal about these onion rings? (For those of you who may not know, I LOVE onion rings! They are my weakness.) Ok ok I will stop now. I do have to restrain myself on many occasions but today was not one of them. I had just walked 5 miles looking for a place to eat so I thought it was ok to indulge and indulge I did. So after hamburgers, onion rings, and a peanut butter milkshake (I didn't drink it all by myself-I promise) we were off to the game. We had a great time besides the fact that Auburn lost.

Here we are at the game.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet Baby

This was taken a few weeks ago at my mom's house. I just ran across it in my email and had to post it. I think it's such a sweet picture. (Thank you Gale for sending the picture)

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Addison has a new trick!

I know I've told some of you how Addison is pulling up on everything in sight well here's the proof. She was just pulling up to her knees but now she is pulling up to standing. Just last week I came in to get her up from a nap and this is how I was greeted. She is so proud of herself!

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