Saturday, February 20, 2010

Publix makes me happy!

I usually wouldn't post a picture of my groceries but this week at Publix was a good one. For those of you who shop at Publix you know how good the sale is this week. I'm so excited about all the meals I can make with these staples. Yes, I'm excited about groceries!!! :)

Total: $17.37 (39 items)
Saved: $60.37
That makes each item .45 cents each.

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Amy said...

i love publix too!!! I spent 32 and saved 75 this week!!!

Amy said...

oh and I made a great discovery too - the boys LOVE the flavored frosted mini wheats as a snack. They are great too because they are so full of fiber. So I am going back to get some more of them to use more for snacks than breakfast

Wren said...

That's fantastic, I wish there was a Publix in Canada. :(
Thanks for sharing that, great blog!


Katie said...

so i must ask- what's in the buggy and what additional coupons did you use?